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Published on March 6, 2012 by in General

Necklaces and jewelry for grandmothers are often treasured moments that are preserved in time. The births of grandchildren can be treasured increments of time as the family bonds and love grows along with the size of the family. Many nana necklace choices are a tribute to the births and then the accomplishments of a grandchild. Gender specific charms exist in yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver. These charms can be worn alone as a pendant on a fine chain of precious metal or worn in a grouping on a charm holder that is attached to the fine necklace chain. Many parents and grandparents may also choose to wear these commemorative charms on bracelets as well.

Gender specific charms are available unadorned as well as with birthstones to mark the month of the child’s birth. Some styles are solid stamped gold charms that depict girls or boys and others have moveable arms and legs that swing with each movement that Nana makes. These gifts of gold, that commemorate the births of the even more precious gift of grandchildren, will adorn the necks of grandmothers for years to come.

A gold pacifier with a birthstone is available and is a very popular option to adorn a nana necklace. Other popular options include baby booties, baby carriages, teddy bears or other personalized charms that are reminiscent of the most precious bundle in a grandparents life. All of these charms or pendants are available unadorned or with the addition of precious and semi-precious gemstones.

As the child grows, a nana necklace can grow as well. Activities like ice skating, equestrian endeavors, cheering, and sports can be commemorated as achievements for those very special grandchildren. Nana can have charm holder that features all of her grandchildren on one necklace or each child could have a child specific charm holder to showcase each of their accomplishments in life.

Gifts for grandmothers everywhere can become a treasured tradition as each child picks out a charm that will remind their grandmother of that child’s specific charming attributes every time it is worn. Nana necklaces can become a treasured heirlooms that can be handed down to the children as time goes on.

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