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The Necklace Owl

Published on March 6, 2012 by in General

Owls are currently one of the trendiest things in fashion, housewares and jewelry. Necklaces that have owls on them are particularly hip and popular with fashionistas and those in the know. There are many styles that individuals can choose from when picking out the necklace owl that appeals to them most, from pendants to chokers to small accessories. There are also many different types of owls that are worn as necklaces. There is definitely something for everyone in the newest wave of fashion jewelry: the owl.

People who love owls have been ecstatic about the latest necklace owl accessories that have been out in the markets. Even individuals who do not care much for birds have a hard time resisting this adorable look that can take an average outfit from plain to exceptional, simply by adding a necklace. Owls go with everything and can be worn during the day or at night, depending on the rest of the outfit. Individuals can have fun exploring new styles with this fun accessory that adds cuteness and a slight edge.

There are many varieties of necklaces with owls on them that shoppers can choose from. A long chain that goes to the bust line or below is one of the most popular looks. An owl pendant sits at the lowest point of the chain, attracting attention to the chest area. These owl pendants are usually somewhat large, at least an inch or two long, so that they stand out from the rest of the ensemble. Shorter necklaces, such as chokers, are also popular in the newest owl trend. This type of necklace usually wraps relatively tightly around the neck and has an owl attached to it for decoration. Medium length, delicate necklaces are also a great way to wear an owl that is small and dainty.

The owls themselves are very different depending on the taste and preference of the wearer. Shoppers can find owls that are made from metal, enameled, covered in jewels or wrapped with wire. This style of necklace is currently appearing in many stores from high-end to discount, so budget and prices vary considerably. It is in the best interest of the shopper to explore the different styles and try them on before purchasing a new look. Owl necklaces can be paired with other types of jewelry but generally should not be paired with other owls, such as earrings, in order to avoid overkill of the style.

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