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A Gold Necklace Set

Published on March 6, 2012 by in General

There are a dazzling variety of gold necklace sets, so many that it would be difficult not to find a set that would please even the most demanding and particular person. A gold necklace set will be made up of the gold necklace, a pair of mostly gold earrings and possibly a gold bangle.

The best gold to use for a set is 18K gold. Pure gold, or 24K, would be too soft for everyday wear and 12K gold and lower has too much of another metal alloyed with it. Pure gold is soft yellow, but alloys like nickel or silver can make it white. Copper can make it pink, which is called rose gold.

The Necklace
The necklace can come in an impressive number of styles. It can be a single, double or triple strand necklace and can be choker to rope length. One thing that separates metal necklaces from necklaces made out of semi-precious or precious stones is that they can be forged into all sorts of beautiful chains. The chain can be a lovely and simple trace chain, where all the links are about the same size, or a curb chain, with interlocking links. The gold necklace can have strands twisted elegantly together, or wheat shaped links pointing in the same direction. The chain can also be made of any shaped link that the jeweler fancies, or that the customer orders.

Pendants can also be clipped to gold necklaces. The pendants can be anything from religious symbols, to letters of the alphabet, to a single, pear cut jewel.

Gold necklaces can also be made of graduated or uniform gold beads, squares, scales, hearts or many other shapes.

The Earrings
The earrings can also be variable. They can be gold button earrings, hoops, chandeliers or pendants. They can be made of nothing but gold, or can be adorned with semiprecious stones like coral, crystal, or gems like diamonds and rubies.

How to Care For
A gold necklace set should be washed in warm water mixed with a drop or two of mild dishwashing detergent. A very intricate gold necklace or earring can be scrubbed with a soft toothbrush. The jewelry should be rinsed, then polished with a chamois cloth. The jewelry shouldn’t be worn in a chlorinated pool, since the chlorine can discolor the gold. The necklace set should then be stored in their own felt lined compartments in the jewelry box or in velvet pouches to prevent being scratched by other jewelry.

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